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Love Day Care

Do you need to find, a temporary or longterm care for your children? Our child care is located in a convenient, comfortable, safe, clean, healthy, and fresh air environment. Therefore this location is excellent for your children’s physical and mental health. Our teacher has graduate experience, great love, patience and a sense of responsibility, holding a First Aid Certificate and CPR. Let your children learn through play, while growing healthy in the happiness and secure environment. We provide piano interest to  children in gaining their initial interest in music. We make your children feel that they are at home and follow the school curriculum. To help lay the foundation for the future when they begin school. Our family day care is designed for children to have nutritious breakfast, lunch, snack, fruit, milk, and juice. If you need dinner, we can also supply according to individual requirements. We recruit children from a year and up. We are open Monday to Sunday, seven days a week, the hours are flexible and the price is reasonable. We are located at Sheppeard & McCowen. If you are interested please call  Lana/Wendy @ 416-272-0415 or 647-761-6788. or 647-822-9834(English Speaking only) Please visit the other website listed below for more information 《!contact-us》.

您需要找一位临时或长期照看孩子吗?我们的幼儿园设在一个交通方便,环境舒适的地区,那里环境安全,舒适,整洁,卫生,空气新鲜。这对于你的宝宝心身健康很好处!我们的老师专业毕业经验丰富,极具爱心,耐心和责任心,持有第一急救证书(CPR and First Aid)。能让你的宝宝在游戏中学习,在快乐和安全中健康成长。我们应用钢琴培养宝宝对音乐的初始兴趣。我们能让你的宝宝既有家的感觉又有学校的常规。为将来进入正规学校打好基础。我们家庭幼儿园每天有专为宝宝设计的营养早餐,午餐,点心及水果和牛奶的供应。如果需要我们还根据个别要求供应晚餐。我们招收一岁以上的宝宝。我们周一至周日七天托儿,时间灵活、价格合理。地址:
Shepperd/McCowan. 如有兴趣者欢迎致电:Lana/Wendy, 416-272-0415或647-761-6788 或 647-822-9834(只讲英文)查询!请到我另一个网站查询更多的资料《!contact-us》。